Disability Under Siege - GCRF Network Plus
Development Award Policy and Dissemination Event

Overview and Presentation Materials

  • Welcome and Administration: Professor Dina Kiwan, Project Investigator & Ted Tuthill, Project Manager, Disability Under Siege, University of Birmingham
  • Health Care Access (in Arabic): Introduced by Professor Rita Giacaman, Birzeit University, presented by Shatha Abu Srour and Hussam Ghosheh.
  • Classification of disability in Lebanon (in Arabic): Introduced by Professor Maha Shuayb, Centre for Lebanese Studies, presented by Ibrahim Abdalla.
  • Words Matter Campaign: Introduced by Professor Maha Shuayb, Centre for Lebanese Studies, presented by Dr Itab Shuayb.
  • Arts and Culture Practice Presentation: Presented by Professor Anthony Downey, Birmingham City University.
  • Questions and Answers: Open to All.
  • Closing Film: “Respect – Rights – Inclusion” Movie created by the Deaf Animation Team, a group of young deaf animators from Palestine. The production took in November and December of 2018 as part of a training course on awareness-raising strategies. The animation highlights the core values behind the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The training was supported by the German development agency (GIZ) and there Civil Society Programme It took place in October, November and December of 2018 at Al Masna Al Rasum Al Mutaharika/The Animation Factory in Ramallah, Palestine. 

Meet our Guest Speakers

Shatha Abusrour photo

Shatha Abu Srour, Disability Activist, Occupied Palestinian Territories

Shatha is a disability activist from Palestine. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Psychology from Bethlehem University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Grand Valley State University. Over the past sixteen years, Shatha has worked and volunteered for various organizations of persons with disability, non-governmental organizations and, international agencies on issues related to the rights of persons with disability in Palestine and in the Arab Region. She has also worked on issues specific to women with disability, mainly empowerment and gender and disability-based violence

Shatha is primarily interested in advocacy, particularly the right to access health services, education, social protection services, political participation and employment and is interested in knowledge production related to disability, inclusion and advocacy, through writing research and manuals. Her recent publication in The Lancet is a comment on Social action to achieve a dignified life for people with disabilities in the occupied Palestinian territory. Shatha's goal is to contribute towards fostering her country’s freedom and inclusive development at the human, social, cultural and policy levels.

Hussam Ghoshesh photo

Hussam Ghosheh

Theatre activist, writer, and director, born and raised in Jerusalem. After obtaining his degree of Arts in Media, he started his early practical research on the development of cultural traditional art. In his artistic practice between Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Berlin, he works to develop participatory and community art combining traditional and contemporary artistic methods. Hussam employs the intense surrounding contexts in the interest of the work he creates. In 2015, Hussam co-founded Basta Theatre; an experimental socially engaged street theatre, where he works as an artistic director. He participated in establishing several other key cultural and artistic projects locally and internationally. Hussam is also a creative-writing trainer, editor, and worked on various artistic publications including film and theatre scripts since 2010.

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Ibrahim Abdullah

Disability Advisor, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) - Lebanon

itab shuayb photo

Dr Itab Shuayb, Centre for Lebanese Studies

Itab Shuayb has a PhD in Inclusive Design from the University of Kent-UK. She is an inclusive specialist and a member of the steering committee for the Disability Hub at the Centre for Lebanese studies- Lebanon She is a Fulbright Visiting Scholar alumnus with a main research interest in Inclusive Design and accessibility. Her recent book published by Springer-Nature publishing book in 2020, entitled: Inclusive University Built Environments: The Impact of Approved Document M for Architects, Designers and Engineers.

Anthony Downey photo

Professor Anthony Downey, Professor of Visual Culture in the Middle East & North Africa, Birmingham School of Art (Co-Investigator)

Anthony Downey is currently affiliated with several research projects exploring the politics of global contemporary art practices, digital media and image production, knowledge production and visual culture, and how cultural practices relate to migration and human rights across the Global South. 

Murad Abu Saraya photo

Muraya Abu Saraya

Murad graduated from Al- Yarmouk University in (2011-2012), BSc in Film and Television Directing and has acted in over 40 theatre and short films as well as directing at least 15 plays and 10 short films. He has worked as an educational facilitator in Jordan and currently works as a drama teacher training persons with disabilities and to develop their abilities through drama therapy sessions with his initiative “It must shine”. “It Must Shine” is a initiative working to raise the awareness of the community and change their perception towards disability, using drama therapy as a tool to integrate persons with disabilities in the community and empower them to become active people. Their aim is to mainstream and integrate people with disabilities in the community and at the end of the training session they prepare a final project for each group in order to apply the learned skills and to show the creative abilities for people with disabilities in the field of representation “theater” to present the shows for the public.


Hala Mahfouz Abdelkhaleq

Hala Mahfouz Abdelkhaleq is an activist in the rights of persons with disabilities (PWD) based in Jordan who has been raising community awareness about the cause of persons with disabilities and the importance of integrating them in the community for 4 years. She is an activist in social relief work and providing assistance to low-income people, an entrepreneur working on her startup, which aims to find assistants who are willing to serve PWDs in many activities. Hala is also a Youth member of the Jordanian National Coalition for Youth, Security and Peace 2250 and Co-founders of the Cumestair Initiative, which aims to integrate persons with disabilities into society through volunteering.