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Network and Knowledge Exchange Funding Call

This call seeks to support knowledge exchange and partnership building projects, especially between new partners, in order to develop innovative approaches, as well as to consolidate and develop sustainable partnerships. The aim is to create opportunities for learning and co-production of new knowledge and sustainable practices for education from an interdisciplinary perspective for those with disabilities, with a focus on Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

Up to £30,000 will be available for 5-8 projects, up to 12 months in duration, to individuals, disability groups, practitioners, researchers, higher education institutions, NGOs and international organisations whose key intended beneficiaries are persons with disabilities and their families in Lebanon, Jordan and occupied Palestine territories.

Key Information

Call now closed.

Call Description

The Call Description details the objectives and themes of the funding call, including eligibility, funds available and assessment criteria and . Available in Arabic upon request.

Application Form

The Application Form must be completed in English. If you require support with completing the application form please email us directly at