Network and knowledge Exchange Award

The Disability Under Siege Network has made funds of up to £30,000 available to support impactful projects, network-building and activities to enhance sustainable and scalable local and regional capacity from an interdisciplinary perspective for those with disabilities in formal and non-formal educational settings.

The successful recipients of this award are;

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Mainstreaming Strategies and the Application Mechanisms in Higher Education Institutions

Led by Al-Quds University in Palestine, this research project works in collaboration with An-Najah National University and the Islamic University, to study the mainstreaming of people with disability in higher education institutions, and to identify strategies followed by higher education institutions for educational quality and mainstreaming facilities for different types of people with disability.

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Al-Harah Theater Company

The project aims at enhancing the inclusion of people with disabilities into the performing arts sector while opening further and new opportunities for people with disabilities for work and participation in Palestine. The project will work with Qader for Community Development, to create awareness and changing social stigmas through theater where people with disabilities are included and their messages are conveyed.

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Towards inclusive media production: Training workshops for media organizations and media educational programs at Lebanese Universities.

This project is a coordinated training investment drawing from the experiences of the Disability Hub, coordinated by Dr Itab Shuayb, and audio-visual media organizations and university media communication programs in Lebanon. It is devised to respond to increasing demands for training on the principles of the CRPD and inclusive development, including inclusion, accessibility, reasonable accommodations, and inclusive and universal design.


63 Days of Sit-In

In October 2021, amid the pandemic, people with disabilities in Palestine initiated a movement to administer their right to have a just and an inclusive health insurance. 63 days after their sit-in in the Palestinian Legislative Council under difficult circumstances, the social movement of people with disabilities were able to realize their first goal of providing an inclusive health insurance for the people with disabilities. “63 Days of Sit-In” is a project that aims to creatively document and reflect on the powerful experience of the movement led by people with disabilities in Palestine.

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Art Advocacy: Youth Views of Disability

In accordance with global and national calls Jordan’s government has been heavily investing in projects to promote inclusivity. A small pilot project in Jordan, conducted by the University of Jordan, with non-disabled students has shown there is still a prevalent narrative of disability that excludes and ‘others’ disabled persons. To counter this view this project will bring disabled and non-disabled youth together through conversation and art.

Research and Engagement Award

The Disability Under Siege Network has made funds of up to £125,000 available to enable the investigation and reframing of the discourses on disability in contexts of education and conflict across Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

The successful recipients of this award are;

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A Human Centred and Community Based Participatory Research Approach to Education Among Young People with Disabilities Living Under Occupation

It is evident that people with disabilities (PWDs) in Palestine face accessibility difficulties in reaching main services, and they still lack basic rights like education, health and a decent livelihood. Moreover, PWDs as all Palestinians experience protracted Israeli violence which exacerbates their suffering even more. Our project aims to contribute to the research on young people with disabilities in conflict-affected countries focusing mainly on education.

#DisabledVoicesfromGaza – narrative methodologies with media and information literacy (MIL) to empower university students with disabilities in Palestine

This capacity-building oriented research project brings together academics and third sector organisations from the creative and advocacy sectors, based both in the UK and Palestine. In collaboration, the team will empower 100 Palestinian university students with disabilities living in besieged Gaza, Palestine, to effectively communicate and produce narratives about their lived experiences.