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Towards inclusive media production

The Team

itab shauyb photo

Dr Itab Shuayb

Inclusive Design Specialist and Senior Researcher, Centre for Lebanese Studies

Project Outline

Towards inclusive media production: Training workshops for media organizations and media educational programs at Lebanese Universities.

This project is a coordinated training investment drawing from the experiences of the Disability Hub and audio-visual media organizations and university media communication programs in Lebanon. It is devised to respond to increasing demands for training on the principles of the CRPD and inclusive development, including inclusion, accessibility, reasonable accommodations, and inclusive and universal design. The Centre for Lebanese Studies is an independent research institution that focuses on four main themes: education, refugees, social movement, and disability. As part of the latter theme and among its various activities on disability, CLS established the Disability Hub, which is a platform of OPDs, International organizations, and local NGOs that work in the disability field. It promotes the rights of persons with disabilities across Lebanon, makes efforts to advance human rights, and supports organizations of persons with disabilities to hold their government to account by implementing Law 220/2000 and advocating for change.

Project Objectives

The project aims to advocate and raise awareness about the disability notion and knowledge to be portrayed inclusively to enable media production organizations, TV reporters, producers, journalists.  etc to produce inclusive media content that uses inclusive language, correct disability terminologies based on the social model of disability, in addition to producing inclusive media content whether audio-visual, softcopy written format, etc. A series of workshops will be delivered to different Lebanese media organizations, and media education program coordinators to train them to deliver their media content inclusively by using one of the Disability Hub guidelines: Inclusive Audio-visual media and information services. Moreover, three groups of students will be selected from three Lebanese universities to work on producing three inclusive short video campaigns that depict one of the disability rights covered under the UN Convention on the Rights of people with disabilities. The CLS assigned team with an expertise in inclusive design will supervise the production of these videos to meet the inclusion criteria. We aim to have the three videos broadcasted on different TV channels to promote the rights of people with disabilities and to promote the production of inclusive media content. An inclusive policy will be drafted so it will be used by media organisations and media educational programs at universities in Lebanon to ensure that communication and media organisations in Lebanon become inclusive.